Buying gifts with MetaPax

Gifts are indispensable items for meaningful days in our lives. Accordingly, their choice should be treated with the utmost precision. But what guarantees success? The answer is MetaPax.

How to buy a gift with MetaPax?

MetaPax turns into a reliable companion in the potential choice of gifts. Below we look at specific examples.

The process of buying with MetaPax is easy. Everything is very simple. Let’s say you want to purchase souvenirs, wine, tobacco, jewelry or ornaments directly from a boutique of a particular country.

Working Process

  • Firstly. You should send an inquiry form with the desired criteria. If in doubt, you can leave the choosing of a gift up to us. We have examples of 2,000+ gifts from the database.
  • Secondly. You wait for our independent expert (Paxer) to come to the gift-shop at the time you set and notify you.
  • Thirdly. After the notification, you connect to him and the inspection begins. Agent-Paxer activates his smart glasses with a camera and starts to show you different kinds of gifts.
  • Finally. After determining, the Agent purchases the gift and then delivers the gift to you via cargo service.
    As a result you may see the emotions of your relatives in real time.

With MetaPax they could send you “hello”, smile or express their emotions in different ways. You easily make them happy with an impressive choice of gifts.

IMPORTANT: We are not advisors, we are on your side!

Why is using MetaPax advantageous and effective?

The benefits of using MetaPax to choose gifts are many. But perhaps the most obvious one is frugality and accuracy. Thanks to MetaPax you will give your loved ones an unforgettable experience.

Another point is the speed and availability.

MetaPax will allow you to “teleport” to any part of the world and view instances simply by finding a free agent in a specific location for streaming and further purchase of gifts. Moreover, you can sort agents-Paxers by rating, price and other preferences.

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