Free-to-pay excursions with MetaPax

Free-to-pay excursions are the most effective way to showcase the features and beauties of our planet. But with MetaPax technology, this topic has taken on new dimensions.

What are free-to-pay excursions?

Free-to-pay excursion is an organizational form of education that differs from a real excursion by virtual representation of real objects (museums, parks, city streets, etc.) in order to create conditions for independent observation, collection of necessary facts.

Today the topic of free-to-pay excursions is becoming more and more relevant, practically a necessary part of our daily lives. At the same time, the technology is also extolling its benefits.

MetaPax reality streaming platform makes free-to-pay excursion a truly global tool available to the wider masses.

Specifics of activity

This field of activity has one urgent disadvantagea relatively low profit to the tour guide.

MetaPax exactly solves the problem!

Thanks to MetaPax it is possible to perform online broadcasts through smart glasses and proprietary platform.

As a result, the guide is able to broadcast free-to-pay excursions with MetaPax to their viewers via streaming. In addition, he exaggerates his profits with donations from the audience.

Increase income with MetaPax

While streaming with MetaPax, the guide will receive donations, and can integrate native advertising or take tasks from Beholders (viewers) to review a particular location and earn additional income. The cost of one working hour of the guide on free-to-pay excursion increases significantly.

MetaPax platform also helps him gather his audience, which can be directed to social networks and develop a personal blog.

It automatically creates free advertising during free-to-pay excursions. Thus, by collecting more and more Beholders on the MetaPax platform, the guide will get great reach and recognition.

Finally, recorded free-to-pay excursion broadcasts can be edited and generated to social networks. In turn, that would open him up to the opportunity to automatically create content for social networks.


Let’s look at scenarios for using MetaPax with a free-to-pay excursion. For example, Beholder wants to see the panorama of Paris through the Eiffel Tower, or visit a Disneyland attraction; or maybe even jump with a parachute over the mountains in Geneva. All he has to do is:

  1. Go into the MetaPax app;
  2. Find a Paxer (you can choose from an infinite number of categories);
  3. Next, after the Paxer turns on streaming, guide him.

The whole procedure is done by streaming in real time. Using MetaPax on a free-to-pay excursion gives a very different experience.


Thus, the guide’s profit from free-to-pay excursions thanks to MetaPax increases manifold. It can be achieved through the following steps:

  • Arrange temporary tours with MetaPax. Very often this type of excursions from customers due to lack of time/opportunity to visit.
  • Organizing free tours for architectural/artistic students for a small donation.
  • If there is interest, opportunity to view the actual object/place with their own eyes.

Unusual excursions to places not open to the public for a special price.In addition, he/she gets potential publicity by generating his content on social networks.

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