How does a Paxer/Beholder make money with MetaPax?

MetaPax is an advanced streaming platform that allows its users to earn through live broadcasts.

How is MetaPax structured?

MetaPax is a unique platform for streaming and earning. In this program, users are divided into two types:

  1. Paxer
  2. Beholder

Building an ecosystem on an advanced blockchain multiplies the issue of user reliability. Everyone in MetaPax chooses their own role.

Paxer is a streamer. Beholder is a viewer. The interaction between them is through smart glasses and streaming in the ecosystem.

Earnings and transactions are made using a MetaPax ($MTP) token issued in a limited edition of 1,000,000,000. This, in a sense, elevates the concept of streaming to a new level. Because MetaPax multiplies human capabilities by erasing the istical boundaries between people. The platform also provides earnings through donations.

How does Paxer earn money?

MetaPax can be used to earn money in the following ways:

  • Accepting/seeking assignments from Beholder
  • Streaming for his fans
  • Earn donations

Earn money by completing tasks

With MetaPax smart glasses, Paxer user in the app receive a task from Beholder. By doing so, he rents his time, getting paid accordingly. Thus, when accepting and completing the task, the funds in $MTP tokens are automatically transferred to Paxer’s account. Paxer can also choose the Beholder’s job of his choice.

Earnings by streaming for fans

Paxer starts streaming live to the whole world when he puts on his MetaPax smart glasses. Beholder users can watch the broadcast and donate to Paxer if they wish.

Paxer can also set a price for the stream and monetize content from anywhere in the world. Income in this case is not limited, as well as the principle in the case of performing tasks.

As mentioned above, users can donate to MetaPax, which is done using $MTP tokens and is instantly transferred to the account of the recipient.

Role of Beholder

Beholder is a «tenant» of Paxer’s time. With the program he/she can select an unlimited number of Paxers and assign tasks to them. Beholder can manipulate Paxer’s actions with the help of voice or chat commands during the execution process.

And it isn’t necessary for Beholder and Paxer to speak the same language. Because MetaPax will have AI translator software installed.

Thus, there will be no additional difficulties in communication process. In addition, Beholder will be able to select Paxer by categories, such as price, location, rating, etc.


To summarize the above, it is clear that MetaPax is changing existing realities by building a bridge between real and virtual worlds. Also this project is a kind of link for the introduction of the concept of Web 3.0 in reality.

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