How is MetaPax changing the idea of streaming?

MetaPax is changing the traditional view of reality

Streamer screen interface

MetaPax advanced platform

Today, technology doesn’t stand still. Almost every day we hear different news about various projects. The only thing that is clear is that our already fast-moving world is getting even faster.

The average person sometimes does not have enough time to make plans. But there is a solution! And its name is MetaPax a new generation streaming platform! This app significantly increases human productivity. This is thanks to an advanced platform, which is a whole ecosystem.

You can guide that person and make him act as you wish…

How does MetaPax interconnect?

Interconnection in the ecosystem takes place via streaming. The ecosystem itself includes platform, application, users and smart glasses. Absolutely everyone is eligible to become an ecosystem user. To do this, person must register in the system and choose a role for himself. The conditional user may be a viewer (Beholder) or a streamer (Paxer).

It should also not be forgotten that the ecosystem is built on blockchain technology and has its own token — MTP. This elevates streaming to a whole different process!

MetaPax app interface

What features does MetaPax streaming give its users?

MetaPax streaming gives its users a truly extensive experience! Participants have the ability to monetize their content and make money. In this context, a Paxer wearing smart glasses could start streaming on its own or await a task from a Beholder. Beholder may select from an infinite number of Paxer’s per his needs.

The app also has a streamer rating, which allows the viewer to select them based on criteria. Paxer rating also affects its monetization. All the benefits of MetaPax streaming platform are available in the interactive table below:

Comparison with competitors

As we see, the use of MetaPax streaming comes out much more profitable and profitable at the same time.

The potential of MetaPax streaming technology

MetaPax streaming is a whole other level of interaction. It brings people together in a certain way, erases barriers. It’s a different world, a better space where people fulfill their potential.

Think about it, millions of users around the world will see you live. They will feel what you feel. Thanks to streaming, they may be instantly anywhere in the world!

The future is here and it’s here, thanks to MetaPax!

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