MetaPax — an innovative new generation platform

The development has reached such proportions that the genre of sci-fi films no longer seems supernatural. In this context, it is worth talking about MetaPax, an innovative platform for “reality streaming”.

What is MetaPax?

In recent years, technological innovations have increasingly penetrated people’s lives. It is no longer possible to imagine a world without gadgets.With MetaPax smart glasses, users will be able to interact with each other via streaming.

MetaPax is an entire platform with its ecosystem, designed to change key perceptions of streaming. MetaPax platform is a bridge between the real world and Metaverse, bringing people from all over the world together to relax, work and have new experiences through cutting-edge technology, smart glasses, or other handheld devices. Without a doubt, it opens up wider spaces for people, increasing the prospect of communication between them.

How does MetaPax work?

Anyone can become part of MetaPax and choose their desired role.

As a viewer, it is possible to recruit streamers by giving them tasks and joining their broadcasts from anywhere in the world. The viewer can search for streamers by rating, location, age, gender, experience, skills, etc.

The streamer, after receiving a task from the viewer, puts on his gadget and broadcasts what is happening around him in real-time. He can choose to tune in or start broadcasting on his own. The viewer can guide the streamer with a voice or text which is instantly translated into the streamer’s native language. Streamer receives a reward for completing the task. All of these processes take place in the MetaPax ecosystem.

MetaPax ecosystem

MetaPax ecosystem combines:

- Platform;

- Smart glasses;

- Users;

- App.


Metapax platform is essentially a communication link between users. It is essentially a new level of interaction through which users can communicate from anywhere on the planet.


In MetaPax users are divided into 2 main categories:

- Beholders (Viewers).

- Paxers (Streamers).

Beholder can select from an infinite number of Paxers to give them relevant tasks regarding business, travel, entertainment, etc.


To use MetaPax, users, first of all, have to download the application to their device. This is where they can select their Beholder or Paxer role and build communication through streaming.

Token usability

Metapax has its currency — the MTP token. With MTP, users make various types of transactions. Beholders, for example, recruit Paxers with this token. It also allows users to make donations or pay for streams. All transactions on the platform, including hiring Paxers, donations and broadcasts, are commissioned at 20%.

Staking is also provided so that platform users who hold an MTP token will automatically receive rewards. The platform uses the fastest hybrid EVM/eBPF blockchain with more than 50,000 transactions per second, minimal transaction fees and an integrated wallet.


To summarise, the future has arrived! And MetaPax is an integral part of it. There is no doubt about that. The platform takes human capabilities to a new level, erasing boundaries and language barriers and allowing us to see the world in a whole new light. MetaPax allows you to become who you want to be.

Meet the future!

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