MetaPax Project Roadmap

Today we will talk about MetaPax Roadmap — what steps the team has already taken, what they are working on and what are the future plans.


Humanity is currently experiencing real progress. We live in an interesting time: the age of technological breakthroughs. There is real technological development in Blockchain, NFT and Metaverses. Web 3.0 is about to become a reality.

We are hearing more and more references to virtual worlds, to increasing human capabilities and teleportation.

MetaPax, a new generation streaming platform, stands out in the excitement of these meetings.

Today we will get acquainted with the roadmap of this interesting and promising project and see why MetaPax is worth paying attention to. So in today’s article we will talk about the project’s roadmap.

General view

The success of MetaPax project is evidenced by many factors. For example, at the beginning of 2022, MetaPax held a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds. During the closed phase, the company exceeded its main objectives and made a huge impression. Tokens were sold instantly, which showed the demand for such a product. At the moment, the company is preparing for an IEO to directly enter the market and win even more potential investors.

But MetaPax is not the only surprise. The project has a lot of “tricks” in its arsenal.

Below is a look at the general roadmap of the project, where you can see the main achievements so far and make sure of the seriousness of the program:

MetaPax Roadmap

Project Mission

The mission of the project is to harness the potential of new technologies for the benefit of society, creating a whole new way of life and opportunities for people.

MetaPax is a bridge between the real and virtual worlds. It is the kind of app that makes the science fiction genres real. In the ecosystem, users can choose their role — to be Paxers (streamers) or Beholders (viewers).

In particular, streaming in MetaPax will take on a completely different meaning — it is actually real teleportation and the ability to travel between the real and viral worlds. The platform also gives its users the opportunity to earn by broadcasting and performing tasks.

Market analysis

The live streaming segment has become the most popular in recent years. This is primarily due to global trends. Elementary, in 2021 the live-streaming segment accounted for the largest share of revenue — about 61% of the market. 30% of Internet users report watching at least one live-streaming video stream every week.

The team is currently conducting detailed market research, which arranges surveys, taking comments from experts in various fields.

According to the expected results and evaluation data, we may say that MetaPax can demonstrate the greatest benefit and efficiency in the e-commerce segment. In this segment there is really a need for this kind of projects.

Gaming is also a potential niche for MetaPax, but the team believes that the product will not reach its full potential in this area. Remote Tourism and Manufacturing also have similar assessments along with Gaming.

Here smart glasses can be used, but not full-scale. Nevertheless, the company continues to investigate the listed segments and draws appropriate conclusions.

Thus, the innovative MetaPax platform has great prospects not only in the Web 3.0 sphere, but also in the B2C market among all streaming services.


I. Q1 2022

First-quarter tasks successfully closed:

  1. Assembling the team. A team of professionals with experience in relevant areas is working on the project.
  2. Technology testing. The technology has already been tested and shows and has primary feedback. The final details are currently being worked out for detail.
  3. Patent applications. MetaPax is patented by the International Patent and Trademark Office as an invention relating to a system of remote interaction with real world objects. It also includes a method of combining hardware video and audio capture devices via an Internet connection to remotely interact with real-world objects.
  4. Website & White Paper. MetaPax has a website, social channels and White Paper where anyone can keep a close eye on current information.
  5. Seed Token Sale. Seed round is over. Its participants were DelaCapital, CryptoAngels, SRT Ventures, i-Fuel, Everscale and private investors. The conditions were as follows:
  • 5% TGE, cliff 3 months;
  • Vesting 18 months.

As a result, 2.5% of the total number of tokens (25,000,000 $MTP) were sold at a coin price of $MTP $0.045.

II. Q2 2022

Right now the MetaPax team is working on all the tasks of the quarter:

  1. Private Token Sale. Private round is already open, where it is planned to sell 4% of the total volume of tokens (40,000,000 tokens $MTP). At the time of writing, only 15% of the total private round offerings remain.To participate in private round, email

The terms of the private round are as follows:

  • $MTP token price: $0.065
  • 7% TGE.
  • Cliff 3 months.
  • Vesting for 14 months.
  • Minimum entry amount: $20,000.
  • Maximum entry amount: $100,000.

2. MTP token release. The $MTP token is an ecosystem token that has useful functions as well as generates additional income.
Token functions:

• Hiring Paxers.
• Donations.
• Broadcasting fees.

A service fee of 20% of any transaction on the platform will be charged. $MTP is an additional income for holders. After the launch of the MetaPax platform, we will introduce automatic token staking.

Each token held in a personal wallet on the platform will receive monthly rewards in $MTP tokens. At the same time, the more transactions on the platform will be a consequence of the high annual interest rate on staking.

3. Blockchain Integration. MetaPax platform is built on a hybrid EVM/eBPF blockchain, which makes it possible to quickly process about 50,000 transactions per second. This provides additional advantages in use and blockchain functionality also makes using the platform wallet very convenient.

4. Starting MetaPax platform design & development. Server infrastructure preparation.
MetaPax team are developing an entire ecosystem that will connect people around the world and allow you to solve problems remotely, comfortably explore the beauty of the Earth from your living room, or simply look at life through the eyes of another person. For millions of people, the platform will become an integral part of life allowing to earn some money when they have free time.

MetaPax brings together an advanced ecosystem: platform, users, smart glasses and app. By the end of August, we will be unveiling the first demo of the platform.

5. NFT. MetaPax has also relatively recently entered the NFT space. The team launched the drop. Here are the details:


Start price per 1 NFT: $700.

• Not available to buy on the market (first 6 months).

• Of right to redeem the allocation to the IEO for an equivalent value.

• Of admission to MetaPax events with project founders and top Paxers.

• To get a 50% discount on platform fees.

• To get exclusive gift box (glasses and merch).

After 6 months of hold, NFT gets extra features: to get free subscription to the top 5 Paxers and to sell on the market.


Start price per 1 NFT: $500.

• To exchange for an equivalent allocation to IEO.

• To exchange for an equivalent number of $MTP tokens after listing.

• Of admission to MetaPax events with project founders and top Paxers.

• To get free subscription to the top 5 Paxers.

After 6 months of hold, NFT gets extra features: 50% discount on MetaPax platform fees.


Start price per 1 NFT: $300.

• To exchange for an equivalent allocation to IEO.

• To exchange for an equivalent number of $MTP tokens after listing.

• Of admission to MetaPax events with project founders and top Paxers.

• To exchange it for smart glasses.

• To get a 25% discount on platform fees.

After 6 months of hold, NFT gets extra features: secret.


Start price per 1 NFT: $100.

• Can buy/sell on the market.

• Of right to redeem the allocation to the IEO for an equivalent value.

• To exchange for an equivalent number of $MTP tokens after listing.

  • To increase percentage of staking up to extra 5%.

Prizes will be sent at mint time at the end of July.

Upcoming plans

III. Q3 2022

  • Launchpad Sale
  • Listing on exchanges
  • Global Marketing Campaign launch
  • BETA Launch: Interface and Streaming demonstration

IV. Q4 2022

  • Integration of third-party wearable devices
  • Customer features improvement
  • Soft launch: Connecting Paxers around the world

V. Q1 2023

  • Full launch of the project
  • Retrodrop


MetaPax is the future. The future where you can have eyes and hands anywhere in the world, where you can become anyone.

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