MetaPax Tokenomics

MetaPax tokenomics has an elaborate and clear structure that provides its users with all the functionality of the product.

What is Tokenomics?

In traditional economics, central banks are responsible for the monetary policy of the currency. In most cases, they tend to operate with a fairly stable, established currency and seek to promote sustained economic growth. This stimulus is accomplished by managing the money supply — adding money to supply, lowering interest rates to stimulate spending, raising rates to control inflation, etc.

However, each project that launches its own token in the cryptocurrency world must define its monetary policy for the currency it will create. This process, which is usually described before the launch of the token and adjusted over time, is known as tokenomics.

Tokenomics must take into account the distribution and issuance of the token, how they will affect the price of the token in the future and how changes to the model can be implemented later.

Tokenomics is the understanding of the supply and demand characteristics of cryptocurrencies.

MTP token usability

MetaPax — which is a new generation streaming platform, also has its own tokenomics. The token of the platform is MTP. MTP token emission is limited in size. Only 1,000,000,000 tokens have been issued. The functionality of the MTP token in the system is extensive. It can also be used to generate additional income.

  • Hiring Paxers

MTP token gives Beholders MetaPax platform users the right to hire Paxers for tasks.

  • Donations

Thanks to MTP token MetaPax users can make donations among themselves.

  • Streaming fees

A notional Paxer can spontaneously open a broadcast and receive monetary rewards from his fans.

Staking in Metapax tokenomics

As mentioned above, thanks to MetaPax tokenomics, ecosystem users can generate additional income. This is done by means of staking. Thus, MTP token is essentially a source of passive income for holders.

A holder who will keep tokens in their wallet will receive a monthly reward in MTP. The high annual interest rate of the staking will depend on the increase in transactions within the system. Profits from staking can be used to pay for MetaPax services.


Separately, it is worth mentioning that the tokenomics of the MetaPax platform is built on a hybrid EVM/eBPF blockchain, which makes it possible to quickly process about 50,000 transactions per second. This provides additional advantages in use and blockchain functionality also makes using the platform wallet very convenient.

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