Renting a car with MetaPax

Car rental in the world is gaining popularity. And it is very important for a renter to take exactly the car they want. MetaPax will help them to do it!

A different approach to car rental

Convenience and independence on the road plays important role for a driver. But it is not necessary to have a car, it is enough to rent one. Moreover, cars can be of different brands and classes.

You can rent a car in Dubai or Miami, for example, for a few days or years with the right of redemption.

Renting a car is a very sensitive topic. While choosing you need to pay attention to details. But how to really find a reliable independent companion who will definitely provide an unbiased service?

The answer is simple — use the MetaPax service. Using MetaPax car rental will be 99% accurate and meet your requirements. So renting a car with MetaPax is the best way from the practical and economic points of view.

The service is as affordable as possible and the registration does not take much time.

IMPORTANT: With MetaPax everything is performed online in real time.

How to rent a car with MetaPax?

By following these simple steps renting a car with MetaPax will be accurate. The steps are:

  1. Send a Paxer request form with the specifications of the car you like.
  2. The Paxer being an independent expert arrives at the car showroom at the agreed upon time and notifies you.
  3. Once you connect with him the auto inspection begins. The Paxer activates his wearable camera device and begins streaming. He checks everything you tell him.

On top of that a Paxer can prepare the documents and fill in the necessary paperwork before your arrive or bring a car to your place. You need to sign and pay only.

They’re not car rentals agents, they’re on your side!

A specialist-Paxer is an independent expert with whom you can objectively evaluate your potential car choice.

What will MetaPax give you?

With MetaPax your car selection will be 99% economical and accurate. Moreover, you will win in speed instantlyteleporting into the cabin itself and seeing your car ride through the eyes of another person.

Of course, there is also accessibility. MetaPax platform gives you the opportunity to hire Paxers from Dubai or Miami, for example, quickly and conveniently in unlimited quantities and at an affordable price.

And it is not necessary for a Paxer to know your language. The AI will instantly do the translation for you.

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