Who are Beholders and Paxers in MetaPax?

There are two types of users in MetaPax — Beholders (viewers) and Paxers (streamers).

MetaPax users (illustration)

MetaPax and the technological breakthrough

These days, the globe is moving toward digitalization. The new era increasingly surprises humanity with revolutionary high-tech discoveries. For example, the convergence of real and virtual worlds.

On the threshold of this technological breakthrough stands MetaPax project, which gives people from all over the world the opportunity to instantly be where they want to be and become who they want to be. All thanks to the advanced platform of the MetaPax ecosystem and its users — Beholders and Paxers.

MetaPax Beholder


Beholders in MetaPax are spectators. Beholder can assign different tasks to a Paxer. The interaction between Beholder and Paxer is done by streaming.

Beholder may guide Paxer through voice/movements. The most amazing thing is that the Beholder does not have to speak the Paxer’s native language. Beholder is helped by the instant AI translator feature of MetaPax. He has an unlimited number of Paxers to choose from.

Special attention should be paid to the process of interaction between Beholder and Paxer. All communication between them takes place in real time.

MetaPax Paxer


Paxers in MetaPax are streamers. Wearing MetaPax glasses they start broadcasting various processes around them in real time. There are two scenarios:

  1. Paxer could start a stream himself and earn money from donations. For example, he/she can surprise his viewers with beautiful scenery or a visit to some technological exhibition.
  2. Paxer could get the task from Beholder. In this case, funds are automatically deducted from Beholder’s balance and instantly transferred to Paxer’s account when the task is completed.

MetaPax gives its users an opportunity to earn!

Paxers, of course, get to monetize their content. It is worth mentioning MTP token, the internal currency of MetaPax platform. All payments processes of the ecosystem are made thanks to this token. App also includes a rating for Paxer. In this way, Beholder also gets to choose the performer it thinks is best suited for task.

MetaPax Breaks Barriers

New level of communication

MetaPax is already the future. This project exalts innovation into the traditional understanding of communication between users in both the real and virtual worlds, standing somewhere in the middle. MetaPax is a kind of bridge between the two, and Beholders and Paxers play a major role in this chain.

Future is beautiful with MetaPax!

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